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DARQ is a famous chocolatier in the cute and elegant city of Maastricht. Our job in this case was to revamp their chocolates packagin and rebrand the company to give it a more identifiable aspect.
Design / Branding
Live Project
We started by looking at what chocolatiers were doing in The Netherlands and Belgium, then took a look at the finest chocolatiers in the world and we brought all this knowledge to the agency. A group of marketeers and graphic designers used the pricing of DARQ's products and the selling goals of the business. Put all in a mixer and started filtering all the ideas to come back with something fresh, classy and a bit dark.
We took care at the whole production line and revamped all transparent plastic boxes, simple envelopes and classic bonbon boxes into attractive stickers, modern bags, and in general, branded and aligned packaging. One of our goals was to make a packaging line that would click with a simple branding icon and make product families.
First of all, the rebranding job had a clear briefing: "we don't want to get rid of our current logo". We decided to extract the most characteristic element of their logo, the "Q". Isolated it would give us a lot visual options on every development, and so we developed the idea. Packaging was receiving the new icon very well, it's a very rich and generous Q so we could insert patterns, colors, shapes... anything. Next step was to make clear product families and make sure we went from old and 'meh' to cool and luxurious. In terms of production we didn't have a great budget so we had to accommodate that feeling of luxury to the packaging available under that budget.
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