Pivoting from B2C to B2B (part 2)

The time we turned the business customer magnet on
Elephant Cruiser
Online Marketing
Live Project
Who is the business customer of a reusable bottle company? What message will make them send us their personal detail and a short story about what they want from us? This is the research we made, studying other B2B we ran in the past (with loads of success) and grabbing as much information from the Elephant Cruiser experience. We ended up having a clear idea of what tone to use and... BINGO!
We created a lead ad campaign on META (Instagram, facebook) using a clear fun tone to highlight business concepts our potential customers could engage with. The result is a campaign that has brought more than 1000 leads in 3 months, at a cost of less than 3€/lead... and the best of it all: leads are super high-quality, they do want to buy Elephant Cruiser's product.
Configuration of the META business account for the client, creation of three different campaigns with different geo&demo targets and budgets plus, we created it as a lead campaign using META forms so that we could collect all necessary details.
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